NFL Draft

Could Chiefs draft Vick 2.0?

The 2016 Heisman trophy winner, Lamar Jackson, from Louisville, is projected to get drafted this year in the 2nd round. He is a “home run hitter,” both with his speed and his arm. Some draft day rumors had him considered by “many NFL teams” as a potential WR option, because of his quick speed and elusive running style.

Many compare him to great Michael Vick due to his throwing motion and to the shear speed at which they both run. Michael Vick had 4.2 speed. Lamar opted to not run at the combine but claimed later, in an interview on NFL Network, that he would have ran a 4.3.

In 2007, Michael Vick’s remarkable career was halted for 24 months in the peak of his popularity and talent. Badly needing a second chance, he was given one by the Eagles and then-Head Coach Andy Reid. Reid, being the great coach he is, was able to bring life back into Vick’s career by building a system that made Vick shine.

As I keep watching tape on both players, the more similarities there seems to be; and ,with the “home run” ability that Jackson has, he could be a value player or trade piece for the Chiefs going forward.

Through the air, in his 2017 season with Louisville, Jackson posted a 59% completion percentage for 3660 yards with 27 TDs and 10 INTs. On the ground, he ran for 1601 yards and 18 TDs on 232 attempts.


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  1. This article is pointless. A) Chiefs won’t be drafting at a time when he’s on the board, and B) It makes ZERO sense to use your 2nd round pick, the first one you have in this draft, on a rookie QB. You have one already, you will be signing a vet to be the backup.


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