A farewell to Tamba Hali

The new league year has officially begun and players are being moved like crazy. There is one player though, that I want to take a second and thank: Tamba Hali. As a relatively young Kansas City Chiefs fan, a lot of my all-time favorite Chiefs have been released within the last two seasons. It started with Jamaal Charles, then Derrick Johnson, and now Hali.

Tamba had 89.5 sack and 33 career forced fumbles in 12 seasons with Kansas City. Since 2006 no player has had more combined sacks, hurries, and pressures than Hali. Many of which came from the iconic bend around the corner and strip sack.

Tamba has a special place in my heart. His relentless motor always motivated me to never quit. I remember watching Tamba at the end of a game. Everyone on the defense had their hands on their hips and looked gassed, but when Tamba came into the game, everything changed. The Chiefs needed a turnover to end the game. When the defense needed a play, he answered the call, and usually in the form a strip sack.

As soon as I got out of college and got my first paycheck, I started looking for a Tamba Hali jersey. It was my very first autographed ANYTHING. My wife could tell you, I was so excited and like a kid in a candy shop on the day that it arrived. My wife asked if I would wear it on game days and the look on my face said it all. No way!

Tamba Hali

Thank you Tamba Hali for everything you did for the Kansas City Chiefs, the fans, and the community. You will one day be in the ring-of-honor and I hope, one day, you will be a Hall-of-Famer. I will miss watching you on game days, but I will have your jersey next to the TV forever!



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