Elliot Berry To Try Out For The Chiefs

Elliot, Eric Berry’s brother scores a try out for the Chiefs according to various sources both close to the team and the athlete. This would be a great opportunity for both the team and Elliot. In my opinion, this would be a remarkable pairing.

In Elliot’s case, his brother is already on the team. Being able to take advantage of the knowledge and tutelage of his veteran brother would always be an advantage. He’d be more comfortable because he’d already know someone there, and acclimate faster. If he acclimates faster, he’ll learn faster. That would benefit the team.

For the team, because Elliot learns faster, the faster he would be ready to play. Of course, anyone can see the advantage to that with the season quickly approaching. One would assume that he would also have Eric’s ethics and values as well, if he does, that would be an immense value to the team as well. Onto his college stats:

According to 247 Sports:

Elliott Berry played in 43 games at Tennessee and totaled 62 tackles, 5.5 tackles for loss, five passes defended one fumble recovery and one interception. Berry played on mostly special teams as a freshman and sophomore, then began to see more time at WILL linebacker as a junior in 2016 when he totaled 34 tackles and 3.5 tackles for loss. As a senior in 2017, Berry made 27 tackles, two tackles for loss, and a fumble recovery.

These stats are pretty good for his college career, in my opinion, but the NFL is vastly different from college. I would love to see him in action in a pro game! I can easily see why the Chiefs has him on the list for tryouts.

From the looks of his competition, it doesn’t look like he has a cakewalk though, he’s going to have to earn that spot, and competition is going to be fierce. This coming tryout is going to be very interesting indeed! Leave a comment and let us know what you think!


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