The Chosen One?

Chiefs Kingdom the Prodigal Son has arrived. His last name is Mahomes and he is the new young gun we have for our quarterback. That is according to Social media and the sports experts. Hold on though. I’ve seen these experts work, mainly on the draft, I wasn’t impressed. Being a die-hard Chiefs fan you gotta prove it to me. Let me throw some stats at you, in his senior year in high school in Whitehouse Texas, he passed for 4,619 yards with 50 touchdowns, he rushed for 948 yards with 15 touchdowns, not bad for 1 year. At Texas Tech in 3 years he played 32 games, he had 857 completions, 11,252 passing yards with 93 touchdowns, also 29 interceptions. He tied an NCAA single-game passing record with 734 yards against Oklahoma in 2016, also the same game he set a single-game record for total offense with 819 yards. We want him as our starter. I say HELL YEAH!!

So it’s been 48 years since our last Super Bowl. Are we ready for another one? Sure why not. Is this our year, depends on who you talk to. Many feel he is unproven, or not ready to lead. I hope we prove them wrong. Mahomes was ranked the 21st best quarterback in the NFL behind these guys Rodgers, Brady Wilson, Brees, Ryan, Wentz just to name a few. Pretty good accolade for an unproven second-year quarterback. He is 1-0 as a starter and threw for 284 yards in his only start against Denver in the Chiefs 27-24 win.

Chiefs Kingdom as I have mentioned before our loyalty as fans have been unending, we support regardless of our season, we try to coach from our chairs at home and feel that if we’re coaching we could do a much better job. Admit it, I will because I do it as well, I went through the Todd Blackledge era in the 80’s. He was our first round pick in the 83 draft by the way. How did that work out for us? No comment!!! So let’s keep the faith!!!

Alex is gone, and we turn it over to the kid. Alex got sacked 35 times last year, hmmmmm, seems like we need work at other places other than QB. However with Kelce, Watkins, Hill, Hunt, and Wilson maybe we can just produce those college stats or even better. Either way, we have to believe. Give the kid a chance he serves it. Am I optimistic? Sure! How does he stack up to a Brady or Brees or Rodgers? Ask me next ear at this time, I hope to proudly tell you that he fits right in.

So as we look forward to our season, with a great offense and a much better defense we give it to you Patrick all we ask is that you give it back the best you can. Strap that helmet on tight warm that arm up it’s time for football. We are the Red and Gold, we are the Chiefs!!! As always! GO CHIEFS!!!!


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