To Montana and back again!

Good day Chiefs Kingdom! Today is our 1990’s decade review. Not a bad decade of football at that. The 90’s brought us 102 wins which were the most in Chiefs history up to that date, also 58 loses. Marty ball had begun!!

It also brought us names like, DeBerg, Bono, Montana, Moon, Gannon, and Grbac yes Elvis was in the building. Allen, Hill, Anders and a Nigerian Nightmare named Okoye. Gonzalez, Thomas, Smith, just to name a few of many.

Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith began their dominance of opposing offenses, Thomas posting 7 sacks in one game against Seattle on November 11, 1990. Finishing his season with 20 sacks and a Pro Bowl, one of many in his brief 10-year career also he and defensive end Neil Smith combined for a total of over 209 sacks in their overall careers together in the 90’s. We had 4000-yard passers and 1000 yard rusher but we also had something so familiar. Playoff loses. In fact from 1989 to 19995 six straight playoff losses.

The playoff losses affected the team so much that Marty Schottenheimer resigned in 1998 under pressure for not winning playoff games. Interesting since he was one of the winningest coaches in Chiefs history. He was replaced in the 1999 season by former offensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham Who would guide the team through the remaining year of the 90’s.

I remember this decade well, My pride as fan increased and it was fun watching Chiefs football again. I was amazed how we were able to get Joe Montana, Marcus Allen, Tony Gonzalez and Derrick Thomas as players and their contributions to the teams were priceless, but still no Super Bowl.

Now we face a lot of the same issues. Playoff losses, no Super Bowl for 48 years not even an appearance. Is this the year that it ends? We hope so. We have the pieces in place to make it happen. Like the 90’s we have a high powered offense led by a future HOF quarterback guiding us, a future HOF running back, and a future HOF tight end but I must remind you again that we have an offensive line that allowed 35 sacks last year. That’s a problem that needs to be solved. I was always taught to get to the Promised Land you have to make sacrifices.

The final game of the 1999 season which took place January 2nd, 2000 was 41-38 OT loss to the Raiders. Also, it marked the last game ever played by Derrick Thomas, who would pass away one month later due to injuries from a car accident.

The 2000’s bring more winning, more new names and great teams. So Chiefs Kingdom fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride of your life because like the 90’s and beyond the AFC West is about to get crazy. As fans, our loyalty will be tested, but we remain faithful to the Red and Gold!! As always for the last 55 years GO CHIEFS!!!!


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