REPORT: NFL Stars Willing To Sit Out Until Kaepernick, Reid Signed.

On Sunday rumors started to swirl that potentially a group of “NFL Stars” are willing to sit out until the former 49ers duo get signed. The goal would be to get enough important faces willing to sit out. With that being said, this is just from the rumor mill. It does raise a question though, would any Chiefs partake IF this rumor happened to be true? What would the owners do? I guess we sit back and see what happens.

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  1. Release them! No player, who by the way is an employee, should use blackmail or threats to their employer! There are plenty of men out there willing and able to take their place and play. Let em sit out! Use those who respect the game.

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    1. And here we have is another idiotbwho would rather punish people for sticking up for a righteous cause by protesting injustice, rather than acknowledging and addressing the actual issue. Pathetic.


  2. Stick up for a cause on their own time. It’s a sport and a product that is only on existence in this wonderful country we all live in because of the very freedom they question. It’s a job, a profession, entertainment. When I’m trying to watch football that’s what I want to do. The owners know this, the players can protest just not at work! Who else does that and gets away with it. Nobody!!


    1. People always want to state that the Constitution doesn’t cover private entities but they don’t read the Supreme Court rulings after the initial constitution was written, the Amendments upon amendments.
      Under the free speech Clause of the First Amendment (look it up) no government, no employer, no social club, show him Fringe on one’s freedom of speech. Plus the Ran by A players union and this rule was made about the players without the Union’s consent and I bet you haven’t served a day in the military and when you stop yelling Chiefs at the end of the national anthem then you can bitch about people protesting, when you start standing for the national anthem at home then you can bitch about people protesting. I bet you didn’t say a word about Tim Tebow when he took a knee protesting during the national anthem on the regular.


      1. Tebo was not protesting anything (including abortions). The Man was praying and giving thanks.


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