Roster Transactions

ICYMI: Chiefs Sign Rookie LB Dorian O’Daniel and Breeland Speaks

In this last draft, the top players Kansas City focused on filling in depth for an aging core lead by last years defensive team caption Derrick Johnson. Who recent signed with the Raiders passes the torch to a new wave of young athletic talents such newly signed Chiefs players Breeland Speaks and Dorian O’Daniel.

Breeland Speaks is a 6’3″ tall and 283LBS who was drafted to be a three-down Linebacker. His versatility and athleticism will allow him to join situational sub packages moving from Defensive tackle to and outside edge position. He signed his rookie deal for 4 years worth $6,100,516 with Kansas City.

Dorian O’Daniel, what he lacks in size he makes up for with speed and consistency. He is a technically sound tackler and is known for having a fierce competitive spirit. He can line up on the slot receiver and tight ends but has a gift for special teams. We certainly can see him having a big impact in these areas of the game. His rookie deal with Kansas City for 4 years $3,031,137.

Whether these players will have an immediate impact or not remains to be seen, however, these players are following the young movement tread with athletic players who have something to prove.


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