OPINION: A Work In Progresss

Ok, the draft is over, OTA’s have finished now it’s minicamp, wooohooo time for some football.

However after all of that lets look at the strengths and weaknesses that we still have. Starting with wide receiver position. Strength-Hill, Watkins, Conley, Robinson I say we are in pretty good hands there. Tight end-Strength, Travis Kelce is a beast and one of the best in the business, also Demetrius Harris provides the experience and ability to be a solid back up. Running Back- This could go either way. Of course with Kareem Hunt we have a strength but if he goes down where do we stand. Lots of unproven running backs that have never been solid starters in there career. Damien Williams, Kerwyn Williams and Darrel Williams. Excuse me but who are these guys, they are called are weaknesses. Ware is on the PUP list and West is solid but lacks playing time. Let’s hope Hunt stays healthy. Quarterback-Strength- if Patrick Mahomes stays healthy, Henne is a solid back up but not reliable enough to run the offense on a consistent basis. McGloin, well that speaks for itself. 4 teams in 4 years. Lastly and our biggest WEAKNESS is our offensive line. With all our picks we drafted defense, where is the help we need up front so these other guys can shine. 37 sacks given up last year, weakness on the left side with Fisher and Tardiff, Strength on the right side with Witzman and Schwartz. Morse is solid at Center but injury prone. Lack of continuity and conservative play calling was one of the problems.

Now let’s look at what we entered the draft for, our new defense.

Defensive line- Here we have good and bad. The Strength- will be Xavier Williams and Derrick Nnadi. They are good run stoppers up the middle, where we were vulnerable last year and will also provide a pass rush that is desperately needed. Weakness-I’m going with Chris Jones and Allen Bailey. The lack of pass rushing ability and inability to contain on the outside hurt us a lot last year. I expect a lot of the same. Outside Linebacker is a Strength. With hopefully a healthy Dee Ford and the veteran Justin Houston can provide that outside containment, plus Houston’s ability as a passer is outstanding so I expect a lot from these guys. Inside Linebacker-Strength – Anthony Hitchens is an experienced leader and a ball hawk. He will be a tremendous asset to back up the weakness of the defensive line. Also Reggie Ragland is a great run stopper a little vulnerable on pass defense but I believe a solid position player with great tackling ability and speed. Cornerback-again a position that can go either way. We gained a strength with Kendall Fuller plus he is a top 5 cornerback in the league. David Amerson was a good pick up but I feel his lack of coverage ability and speed is a weakness, Steven Nelson the most seasoned of the cornerbacks provides great speed but was beaten a lot on coverages last year I think he could be a strength if his pass coverage ability gets better. Lastly Eric Murray, was soft on coverage last year and missed a lot of tackles as well as did Nelson he provides a weakness against the run and pass. Finally we all know the loss of Marcus Peters was huge and he will be missed. The Safety position is believe improved even with the loss of Peters. The leader and captain Eric Berry has returned to lead a young secondary into battle, we all know what he can do he is our main strength on defense, also the acquisition of Armani Watts a rookie from Texas A&M will provide the missing void that Peters left. Watts is a great defender and his tackling ability is far greater than what Peters provided, so I believe we are safe at safety. Also, Daniel Sorenson will be a solid back up at the position.

There you go Chiefs Kingdom. Hopefully, I am wrong on some of these but we need to improve in some areas yet. Also, I didn’t rate the coaching staff. That I leave up to decide. so minicamp is starting and soon it will football season, so stock up on the snacks and fluff up your favorite recliner. As always. GO CHIEFS!!!!!!


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