Terrell Owens To The Chiefs?

Terrell Owens just lit the media world on fire! As a 44-year-old he successfully did something seemingly unbelievable, and he did it for the world to see. Training recently with star wide receiver Julio Jones. The pair has been working out together a lot recently per reports, and T.O had no one else but Julio record him backing up his claims on fox sports shows “Undisputed” and “The Herd” claiming to still be in football shape and not only that, he is as good of shape as ever.

Terrel Owens shows what he can do

I am very impressed by how great of shape he is in, he could very easily be the fastest 44-year-old in the league. Now if I was a Brett Veach and I was looking at the opportunity to pick him up, I would have to ask myself several questions. “What does he bring to the table? Is he a leader? Will he help my young QB in Patrick Mahomes? Frankly, he is one of the most talented athletes I have ever seen, but he is simply put needy and has a history of not being a good team-mate.

Considering the Wideouts Kansas City already has along with Travis Kelce there would be room in there for another dominate wideout, the salary cap would allow for a one year deal at the league minimum but still is it a good idea. NO Kansas City should pass on him and preserve the locker room. From a coaching and front office standpoint, Terrell Owens is not worth all the drama that comes with him. Kansas City should look the other way.

As Always GO CHIEFS!!!


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