NFL Draft

The Chiefs Best Options For The Supplemental Draft

The supplemental draft is tomorrow, 07/11/2018, and the Chiefs have been rumored to be connected to a few defensive backs Sam Beal, Adonis Alexander, and Brandon Bryant. The Chiefs have two second-round picks, one from the Marcus Peters trade. Let’s take a look at what people are saying on these guys:

  • Sam Beal CB-Western Michigan

2017 Stat line: 22 tackles, 2 interceptions, 10 passes defended
Projected Draft spot: Round 2

Matt Miller from the Bleacher Report has connected the Chiefs to standout Western Michigan cornerback Sam Beal. Miller breaks down Beal:

“Beal was a standout cornerback at Western Michigan after signing as a stud 2-star player on offense and defense out of Ottawa Hills High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. As a freshman, he played in 12 games before becoming a starter as a sophomore and quickly establishing himself as a ball hawk with eight pass breakups. That 2016 season put Beal on the radar of NFL teams who love the idea of a 6’1″ corner with ball skills.” -Matt Miller Bleacher Report

Beal was named All-MAC second team and was likely a top 100 pick, but he had fallen behind in school and was deemed ineligible to play. Here is what scouts said about Beal in the Bleacher Report article:

  • “He’s obviously talented,” one NFL defensive coordinator said when discussing Beal. “Long, flexible, fast. He fits the mold of what we want at outside corner.”
  • He’s a little light, little thin, but he can add 10 pounds and be fine in press situations,” another defensive backs coach said. “You look at his feet and hips and see he’s going to be able to cover.

Miller targets the Chiefs as a home per his assessment here versus other interested teams like the Bills and Browns:

“The Kansas City Chiefs own two second-round picks in next year’s draft. They could put in a claim for Beal and still own the Los Angeles Rams’ pick as part of the Marcus Peters trade. Could the Chiefs replace Peters with Beal in the supplemental draft? Many front office people say Beal is the right fit for their scheme and falls in line with the type of aggressive moves general manager Brett Veach has been making.”

  • Adonis Alexander CB-Virginia Tech

2017 Stat line: 27 tackles, 1 interception, 4 passes defended
Projected Draft Spot: Round 3

When discussing this big corner on Twitter, former Chiefs and Virginia Tech Alumni Brandon Flowers hit twitter had this to say on Adonis:

@BFlowers24- If the Chiefs land him, Alexander will be a pro by year 3. Al Harris will have his press game scary for WR’s with his size and athleticism

The Chiefs met with Alexander on his pro day so there is clearly some interest in him. Alexander is another athlete that had been ruled ineligible due to grades.

Here is what CBS Sports had to say in regards to Alexander:

“Tall, man-to-man cornerback who has experience making plays on the football in zone coverage. Being as tall as he is, Alexander lacks ideal change-of-direction skills and has a tendency to watch the quarterback for too long, a combination which makes him susceptible to routes with multiple cuts or double moves. His 2016 film was much better than 2017. Not slow but certainly wouldn’t be labeled as a speedy cornerback. Has moments of good, willing run-support, but he’s not consistent in that area. Big plus is obviously his length, which will allow him to get his hands on some passes when there’s separation. Will struggle with faster and/or quicker wide receivers at the next level. Needs to almost solely cover larger, outside wideouts in the NFL.”

  • Brandon Bryant S -Mississippi State

2017 Stat Line: 32 tackles, 1 interception

Projected Draft Spot: Late round

Brandon finds himself in the supplemental draft due to academic reasons as well. The Chiefs are connected to Brandon due to their overall need at the safety/corner position on defense. Here is what CBS Sports had on Brandon:

“Good-sized, fast, physical safety who has the athleticism to be an NFL starter. Some questions about his love for the game of football and reactionary skills in coverage. However, Bryant does have the reputation as one of the strongest and fastest defensive backs in the country and there won’t be questions about his frame at 6-0 and 215 pounds… Too often solely relies on his speed and twitchiness instead of taking proper angles and playing under control … which could hurt him against faster players at the NFL level.”

There are no reports connecting Bryant directly with the Chiefs, but based on positional need the Chiefs could be players late if Bryant is still available.

The Chiefs need more talent on the defensive side of the ball and with Veach being one of the more aggressive GM’s, do not be surprised if the Chiefs get one or two of these guys to help bolster the defense headed into the new season.


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