BREAKING: Bashaud Breeland Leaves Oakland With No Deal, Heads To K.C.

Bashaud Breeland is headed to meet with the Chiefs after leaving Oakland without a deal in place. Buzz is starting to grow the Chiefs have the upper hand. Breeland signing could cap off an impressive offseason for Brett Veach and Andy Reid. The Chiefs have added Sammy Watkins on the offensive side, Anthony Hitchens, potentially Bashaud Breeland, and a defense heavy draft class. Of course, none of these players have come cheap, so expectations are high.

It’s clear Veach is all about high risk, high reward. I mean c’mon, the guy traded Marcus Peters, he’s not afraid of bold moves. Will Bashaud Breeland be the next move? We’ll have a better sense of that tomorrow. For the record, my vote is yes, make Bashaud Breeland a Chief. I think he would beat out Amerson if fully healthy, but both have a lot to prove. A move like this puts our defense in a better position than it was last year. I know Patrick Mahomes is inexperienced, but I just don’t see the offense showing any decline from last year. I think many are too hesitant to say this team could contend, but I know we’re just a piece or two away. I also think Veach is aggressive enough to get those pieces. Stay tuned.


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