If The Piece’s Fit?

Oh the smell of the fresh cut grass, the popping of pads and the trash talk, CHIEFS KINGDOM IT’S TIME FOR FOOTBALL!!! Finally!! I can only watch so much golf!!!

So much to talk about, let’s start with a draft recap. We drafted all defensive players, they are as follows: Breeland Speaks, Derrick Nnadi, Dorian O’Daniel, Armani Watts, Tremon Smith and Kahlil McKenzie. Plus we added Byron Pringle and Chase Litton as undrafted free agents. All these young men join the Quarterbacks and injured players at training camp.

Injuries are indeed part of the game as well. We know Dee Ford is healthy coming into camp, we know Eric Berry is healthy and so is Mitch Morse. Armani Watts has a severe ankle sprain that will prevent him from practicing for a while, it will affect his playing time. Spencer Ware is healthy be will gradually get up to speed as practice goes along. No rush according to coach Reid.

Our defense got a big boost with Kendall Fuller, Anthony Hitchens, and David Amerson. Hitchens is an aggressive run stopper and has big shoes to fill replacing Derrick Johnson. He is a huge part of our defense. Fuller is a solid top 5 cornerback and the answer to that piece of the puzzle, he is a great defender and his tackling ability is a big plus. Amerson could be a breakout player. He was fighting injuries and poor coaching at Oakland last year so his ability was in question, he to can be a big part of our secondary, if he can put together a good camp. Eric Berry is back with a vengeance. After being injured the first game last year with an Achilles tendon rupture he is healthy and ready to go. Our Secondary is in great hands this year and with Berry leading them I feel more team will try to run the football than pass.

Our offensive line still needs a boost. With the left guard position open it will be a battle between Parker Ehinger and Ryan Hunter for the position. Ehinger seems to have the upper hand and experience to start. Ehinger was filling in at the center position to gain the experience in case Morse is not able to play. Morse states he is healthy and ready to play which will a big plus for the offense. If they play together and avoid the soft conservative play calling from coach Reid we have a chance to make some noise. 37 sacks given up by this group last year, lets hope we can keep Mahomes healthy.

The Chiefs have been predicted to finish second or third in the division, behind the Chargers and the Raiders. Their most recent prediction is 7-9. This may sound odd but I find that reasonable. Mahomes is not proven in game situations, his thought process and his timing need work. Will he be our starter? Yes for sure! Leadership is the name of the game and if he can command the respect of his team he will do well. Prepare for ups and downs and a lot of yelling from your recliners at home. It’s going to happen. With the leadership and guidance from back up Chad Henne, the Chiefs are in capable hands. Sammy, Tyreek, Travis, and Kareem are depending on you. Go get’em, kid.

Preseason, August 9th against Houston at Kansas City, August 17th against Atlanta in Atlanta, August 25th against Chicago in Chicago, and August 30th Green Bay at Kansas City. Roster to be cut to 53 players by September 1st.

The coaching staff, well that’s optional. I have all the respect in the world for Andy Reid, but his lack of aggressiveness last year was concerning. Eric Bienemy is outstanding is he is allowed to do his job, Why hire an offensive coordinator if you don’t use him. Ask Matt Nagy. Dave Toub on of the best special teams coaches in the business. His success has been proven to keep up the good work coach, and lastly Bob Sutton. Bob, Bob, Bob. You have a great defensive unit waiting for your leadership, lots of talent and experience, for heaven’s sake please keep those second-half leads and don’t give up the big plays. It falls on you, they said defense wins football games so does good coaching, so let’s make it happen and don’t fall asleep and on the sidelines.

Well the CHIEFS KINGDOM so the story begins. Don’t pin your hopes on a Super Bowl this year the drought will continue. Give us 1 more season, please. Fluff up your recliners and get your popcorn unless you are going in person then get your 9 dollar nacho’s and 8 dollar beers and dig in. Have fun Kingdom dwellers stay loyal and enjoy. It’s football season. HELL YEAH!!! As I always say GO CHIEFS!!!


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