Is Mahomes Ready?

“When you’re a parent and you give your kid the keys to the car there’s a certain amount of trust that goes there…that’s kind of what you do with a quarterback. You teach them and you start off where you kind off got to feed them and feed them and you’re controlling most of their action there, as far as what freedom they have at the line of scrimmage to change plays. And they just get to point where you go ‘You know he’s got the keys to the car.’ And the longer they go, it goes from a beat up 60’s model to pretty soon your driving the Rolls Royce.” Andy Reid in reference to Patrick Mahomes quarterbacking the Chiefs offense in his first year.

The Chiefs offense is definitely the Rolls Royce. Last year Alex Smith drove it to the playoffs and to on-off his best season’s ever in his career. Can Patrick drive the Rolls Royce yet? I don’t think he has the keys. His arm and his ability are like a 69 GTO with all the perks, but there are other things besides the perks.

Your quarterback is your leader he commands the respect of those around him, they, on the other hand, expect him to make the good decisions and choices. Is he there yet? NO! By no means do I think he is not going to succeed which he will but expectations are high, whether he can meet those expectations we will wait and see. When he is ready to trade the 69 GTO for the keys to Rolls Royce and to the Kingdom.

So much for that part. The current roster in training camp sits at 80. I have to be at 53 in 4 weeks. Every team in the NFL has to be at 53 players, so that means probably some big-name players looking for new homes. We were sure we got Breeland but he decided to explore other options. The Chiefs offered him 6 million dollars for 1 year, he turned them down. HMMMMM that would certainly pay a few of my bills. We are reeling from Derrick Johnson being cut last year, and now with the Raiders. Who else faces the ax, let’s see. Possible names, Daniel Sorenson who was the leading tackler last year, Anthony Sherman, who needs fullbacks these days anyway? Damien Williams, what was the purpose of picking him up anyway, and Charcandrick West. With Spencer Ware being healthy and having played the fullback position at LSU it makes Sherman marketable, plus it takes the pressure off of Ware. Plus I believe West provides the necessary skills as a back up to stay on the roster.

Our defense again is in the hands of Bob Sutton, who is the 60’s model coach, by all means, he has one of the most talented defenses in the NFL, but you are only as good as your coaching staff. A little more secondary help would be nice, but if Amerson and Armani Watts continue to impress, we will be safe for now. Bob, it’s time to upgrade to the Rolls Royce that coach Reid mentioned before this time the perks come with it, I just hope you can drive it.

Well, the Chiefs Kingdom it’s time for football. The 6-month drought is over. The promised land is so close yet so far away. So Patrick kicks the tires of Rolls Royce, check it out, soon the keys will be yours, it will get dented and scratched but I will still be drivable as long as you know how to handle it. THE KINGDOM IS YOURS!!!



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