Patrick Mahomes Preseason Game One Analysis

The young gunslinger takes to the field as all the hopes and dreams of Chiefs Kingdom rest upon his shoulders.

Chiefs offense take the field for some preseason action.

First series:

1st down: Play action pass complete to Travis Kelce across the middle for a 14-yard game. Key here is Patty didn’t get scared and stepped into the pocket and fires a strike. This is something we hadn’t seen a whole lot from Alex Smith. Smith would usually pull his head down and scramble into a sack. First down Chiefs. Mahomes 1/1

Play 2- Screen pass to the right to Tyreek Hill for a minimal gain. Mahomes 2/2

Play 3- Shotgun with a read option for Kareem Hunt for a minimal gain.

Play 4- 3rd down. Pat in shotgun drops back and hits Hunt just short of the first down.

Texans played cover 2 with a safety dropping to entice Mahomes and he took the check-down instead of being baited by the Texas defense to throw it deep.

Key takeaways for the first series: Mahomes was 3/3 on the series. Mahomes stepped up into the pocket, took a hit while throwing, played smart football and didn’t force the ball. This shows Mahomes can play smart with the football and trusts his line to protect him as he distributes the ball. Although this is preseason, Patrick played the series smart and didn’t make a mistake. The QB might have changed, but the play calling stayed true to the script with screen passes and Kelce. Look for the Chiefs to try to air it out a little more in the second series after getting their feet under them.

Preseason game 1 stat line :

3/3 21 7.0 0 0 0 95.8

Series 2 (Chiefs trailer 0-7 in the first quarter)

Play 5 – Shotgun formation and a quick screen to Hill on the outside. Kelce and Harris leading the way. The Texans were ready for it and snuff it out for a short gain.

Play 6- Shotgun formation as Mahomes hits Kelce across the middle for 8 yards a first down. Mahomes is looking for his big target early. Kelce wide open in the middle of the field.

Play 7- Shotgun formation and Mahomes climbs the pocket but cannot avoid the pressure and is sacked. Kelce was open on the out route. Also had Watkins deep, but the pressure is just too much for Mahomes to make a play. The line not playing well here to protect the QB.

Play 8 -Mahomes in shotgun throws deep but gets rocked and overthrows Kelce. Kelce was open but the hit causes the throw to go long. Mahomes is taking some hits here and it is concerning. To his credit, he has stood tall in the pocket and shows no fear. This is refreshing, as Smith saw ghosts and bailed out more often then one would like to see from their QB.

Play 9- Shotgun formation and it is 3 and long. Tried to set up a screen and Mahomes tosses it to ground incomplete. Texans with a bit of a late hit, but no call. The line just not doing its job and not giving the young QB a shot to make a play.

Series 2 key takeaways: Mahomes took some shots during this series. I must admit I was both proud and scared at the same time. Mahomes shows poise in the pocket, steps up and isn’t afraid to take a shot to make a play. I would also say the line really just stunk it up this series and let Mahomes get hit too many times. I know I have said it before, but man it was awesome to watch Mahomes step up and show no fear in the pocket. He also showed great awareness in the pocket. The Chiefs showed a lot of Shotgun formation during this series and we didn’t see a run. The sack and blown up screenplay cost the Chiefs here. Let’s not forget, it is just preseason.

Quarter 1 stat line:

5/7 33 4.7 0 0 1-5 81.3

Patrick Mahomes hit the field for his first preseason game as a starter. Only playing a quarter we saw some encouraging things out of Patrick during his two series. Here are some big things I noticed:

  • Mahomes pocket awareness and toughness really showed out here. Patrick took a few shots, but stepped into the pocket and showed no fear. This was a refreshing sight, as Mahomes was looking down the field to make a play, rather than pulling it down like Alex Smith did last season. This will translate into bigger plays during the regular season as weapons make their way down the field and get open. This will pay big dividends later this season.
  • Travis Kelce. Mark it down right now that this guy will have a big season. Mahomes shows a comfort level with him and trusts him in the middle of the field. Kelce caught two first downs and was wide open on an overthrown ball due to a hit Mahomes took.
  • Mahomes looked accurate and was smart with the ball. Mahomes made some plays and hit all of his guys in stride during his 5 completions. I understand that there were some screenplays involved, but Mahomes looked locked in. We have to remember this is his first preseason game and this game was more than likely scripted. Mahomes also did not force the ball into coverage, nor did he fall for the Texans attempted to drop into cover 2 with safeties over the top to bait Mahomes deep and into an interception.
  • Overall, Mahomes played smart and did not force the ball into turnovers. He also did not put his guys into a position to get rocked. Mahomes showed great poise, toughness, and a high football IQ that we expect in our guy. Look for Mahomes to play more minutes in preseason game 2 and for the offense to open up a little more. I’d like to see the line play better and can only hope Reid opens up the offense a little more for Patrick. Some might have called this an uneventful start to the preseason, but there is a lot to like here.

Overall grade: B (Due to the limited amount of work for Mahomes, but extra points for the Mahoneys the dude showed.)


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