Ok CHIEFS KINGDOM time for a trip down memory lane. Oh, the good old days of football when it was actually football since the preseason is boring and irrelevant we will talk about it soon enough!

Dig these stats-

Super Bowl Champion, Pro Bowl 1970, First team all Pro 1970, NFL interception leader1970, 3 times AFL Champion, 6 times AFL All-star, 7-time first team all AFL, 3-time second team all AFL, AFL int. leader 1966, AFL all-time team and Chiefs HOF. In 164 games on Defense he had 57 interceptions, and 2 touchdowns, On offense he rushed for 658 yards had 77 receptions and 15 touchdowns, then he moved to Safety full time in 1962. Also 3rd pick in the first round of the 1960 NFL draft for the Dallas Texans. His first 2 seasons he played flanker on offense before being converted to safety in 1962. I find those statistics amazing and better than many players currently in the HOF, so why has it taken 46 years to finally get JOHNNY ROBINSON in the Hall of Fame? HMMM… typical for the NFL to overlook one of the best players in the game, which seems to be the case but finally it is done, a 2019 nominee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame Mr. Johnny Robinson, and very well deserved. Congratulations sir, sorry for the NFL’s injustice for so long. Man, I miss those days when it was real football.

Now let’s move on to the “preseason”. So we are 1-1 with not much to show for it. Everyone is aghast with Patrick Mahomes 70 yard TD pass to Tyreek Hill, my answer to that question is (why). Isn’t that what they groomed him to do, isn’t that what he gets paid for. Hmmm, still a little baffled. Perhaps you have overlooked the misguided passes and the interceptions, and lack of good decision making, these are part of the game too. I understand sometimes as fans we ignore it since it’s preseason. I hope we see more consistency and better decision making when the season starts. I miss Alex Smith already!!! Also, Sammy Watkins needs to step up and play football, I will gladly take 9 million dollars a year but I have 2 bad knees and can’t play anymore. CATCH THE BALL SAMMY! I hope he gets better. Goodbye to Charcandrick West, I hope you find a team that can use you. Daniel Sorenson is projected starting safety on the new depth chart, WOW, who put that together, Oh yeah I forgot it’s the public relations people. Why are they making the depth chart anyway? Lastly, Bob Sutton, please find a pass rusher even in the preseason would be nice. We drafted all defense Bob, duh!!!

Ok, Chiefs Kingdom sorry to be so graphic and mean to our boys, I get grumpy in my old age and 52 years of fan hood, but it is what it is. Saturday will tell us more about what to expect and to let some young guys get a chance. Maybe more 70-yard bombs or long TD runs. Whatever it might be stay loyal to the Kingdom, great things will happen soon enough. Again congratulations Johnny Robinson, well deserved HOF nomination!! AND AS ALWAYS, GO CHIEFS!!!


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