OPINION: Three weeks down, only one to go!

Ok, Chiefs Kingdom here we go with analysis of game 3. I was speaking with a colleague of mine and the word analytics came up, it’s defined as the method of logical analysis. Then I probed more into the word analysis, it’s defined as a detailed examination of anything complex in order to understand it’s nature or to determine it’s essential features. So here it goes!!

Here is a quick quote from Andy Reid regarding Patrick Mahomes and his performance in Game 2. “There are going to be hiccups as we go. He is a young guy. He is seeing things for the first time. In many cases with a different secondary that they throw at you and different blitzes. That kind of continues through the first year. You see it and you work through it. It doesn’t mean you can be successful and win games and all that, that’s not what that means. It’s important that when you see it again you don’t make the same mistake. That’s where it can be a problem with a quarterback. He is very good at that and he is very good at not doing the same thing twice.”

Maybe I was too hard on our boys last time, after all, it is still preseason. However, game 3 against the Bears raised some concern about certain areas of work that this team needs to improve. Now I am not an expert nor do I pretend to be one, just a writer voicing his opinion. Let’s call a few guys out here and see what is going one.

Orlando Scandrick-a nine-year veteran of the game looked like a rookie in his performance against the Bears. He got beat on several pass plays one mainly a touchdown pass to Kevin White of the Bears. Oh Okay, the fact that he is a new member of the defense is our excuse. I say no way. He is a veteran and should be able to adjust to anything that is thrown his way. At least he didn’t point fingers at anybody on the blown coverage, come on man we picked you up for a reason. Please get better soon!!

David Amerson- HMMMMM what do I say. Missed coverages, got beat on pass coverage. That’s the Amerson that played at Oakland last year. We need the Amerson that plays with the Chiefs and we need him quickly. Same as Orlando, please get better soon.

Eric Fisher- my favorite guy to call out. Seems like this is becoming a regular thing. Maybe we expect too much, maybe we should run to the right side all the time so he doesn’t have to make plays. Getting pushed back into running back on blocking schemes, and of course the good old holding penalty on a great drive. Kind of ruined it. Last time Eric, we will forgive and forget, but please, please, please quit costing us ballgames and do your job.

My praise this week goes out to Patrick Mahomes. You are finally getting what coach Reid said, things happen you are young, you are talented and you are the franchise. Keep up the good work kid. Also, praise to Reggie Ragland and Anthony Hitchens, great job stopping the running game, Breeland Speaks did a good job as well, silly penalty, but otherwise a good job. Lastly Spence Ware on a great comeback and an impressive return to the game.

Lastly the NFL-These new rules stink!! a penalty for roughing the passer because he landed on the quarterback. HMMM isn’t that what happens when you tackle someone, the penalty for lowering your head to tackle somebody, kind of the way football has been played for 70 years, not sure what’s wrong with that one, and of course lining up on the 33-yard line for a kickoff. Offsides penalty for that. WHY DON’T WE JUST GIVE THEM ALL FLAGS, OR MAYBE TWO HAND TOUCH ANYWHERE. Come on NFL lets make football fun again. That’s what these guys sign up for and why you pay them millions of dollars, they know the risk involved. LET THEM PLAY!!

We didn’t have Berry, Houston, Ford, Tardiff or Nelson. Welcome back guys from the injury list, we can use you. Eric Berry gets well soon, we need a healthy leader.

So CHIEFS KINGDOM again stand proud, we are getting better, but still a work in progress. Again fluff up the pillows get your recliners ready and make sure you have enough snacks to go around. It’s football season!! AS ALWAYS, GO CHIEFS!!!


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