RUMOR: Is Martavis Bryant’s Season Going Up In Smoke? UPDATED….AGAIN!

Raiders Martavis Bryant could again be missing time due to suspension. Bryant has been suspended twice for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. The NFL declined to say if they are investigating Bryant and Bryant says he hasn’t been notified by the league. If this rumor turns out to be true, Bryant will be facing a Josh Gordon like suspension. If a suspension looms, the West will get a bit easier for Kansas City. Also worth noting, the Raiders gave up a third-round pick for Bryant so the stakes are high, and they could look really silly.

**Update: It appears Bryant will go without punishment, barring an offense. It was earlier reported the Raiders feared he would miss significant time. Looks the Chiefs will be seeing him both games this year.


**Update: Martavis Bryant has been released, and is reportedly being suspended again. This adds to the awful offseason the Raiders have had, as they gave up a third-round pick for a player who won’t even take a snap for you.


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