Chiefs Update is seeking journalist candidates, who are highly dedicated Chiefs fans, to join our team. If you are a fan/follower of the Kansas City Chiefs, are looking to get into the football journalist industry, and are looking to cover your favorite team, you could be the perfect candidate for this position.

If selected to work with the CU staff, you would contribute to weekly article collections and engage with other fans through our website.

Our ideal candidate (you) should:

  • Understand the game of football and learn well what the CU brand is
  • Show a strong enthusiastic work ethic as it pertains to football and the Chiefs
  • Possess excellent communication skills (written and verbal)
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Pay attention to detail and be willing to go the extra mile

CU offers training and the opportunity to develop your profile within the football journalistic field.

This position is open to anyone and everyone, as long as the previous mentioned qualifications are met. Relocation or the ability to consistently attend Chiefs games are not a requirement for this position.

*This is not a full-time employment opportunity, though, with time and experience, these opportunities could present themselves. You will be required to submit work during the off-season, regular season, and post season (when applicable), but deadlines can be negotiated with your editor. This position is NOT a paid role, but as noted before, opportunities for paid positions could present themselves with time.

To apply, or for more information on this position, please contact